Jane, our inspiration
Jane, our inspiration. Source: Composition from illustrations

Jane's story

Passion and crisis

Jane is 34 and has been working as a Production Coordinator for ten years now. Cinema is her passion and her life. She enjoys being part of a big team committed to making stories come true. Stories that flow through the screens all across the countries, deeply moving people who she’ll never meet, but feels a connection with. She loves her work and the family she has met in it.

Though, Jane is thinking about quitting this profession and the life it brings attached. Endless work hours, high-stress levels and tools that seem so obsolete to her, draw the idea in her mind that she is not developing all her talent.

And indeed, she spends quite a huge number of hours copying, again and again, the same information from one form to another, from an email to a shared folder, when she is not answering a bunch of whatsapps or running after the Cast and Crew members to ask them to sign their contracts. Everybody does their best, but it’s so frustrating to spend all your time solving technical and paperwork issues if you can tell for sure there are better ways to solve them. Definitely not fair: Jane is a young and creative woman and she wants to live and work in the smartest way! So does everybody, right?

Inspiration for developing

Jane is a character, you may have guessed by now. She has no real skin or bones but she has a powerful inner truth and that’s why, in Willco, we keep her close to us. Always in mind when we designed our app, always in the heart when we keep developing it.

The inspiration that Jane brings is in the very seed of Willco, in our most deep roots: enhance the film management tools in order to enhance the life of every person in every production team. We take this goal seriously. This app is made by filmmakers for filmmakers. By filmmakers working in the production of high-end films. We know the effort, we know the stress, we know the sacrifice it takes. And still want it. All of it. But we want it more clever. Quicker. Clearer. Easier and more flexible. Sustainable, because we do care about lowering the impact of the cinema industry. And, why not, more beautiful. Beauty is always welcomed.

Production tools shouldn’t go behind our profession, they should go beyond, and push us beyond too. In Willco we respect talent, we respect effort and we respect intelligence. And we are glad there were people asking for a tool where all that converged. A tool that elevated cinema production to a new and higher level.

Transformative methodology

We have been more than a year in the real world by now, on the current market.

Willco has been used and is being used in great films by great teams. Like Jane, women and men in production teams have been taking full advantage of it and giving us the feedback we needded to keep improving. We can proudly tell that Willco is being not only a digital management tool for its users but also a transformative methodology in their production processes. A workflow that optimizes time and information while gardening creativity and deep collaboration. A key to unlock your potential.