It's a wrap!
It's a wrap!. Source: Photo by Oleg Laptev (unsplash)

It's a wrap!

Running the risk of being taken for a very neurotic person I need to share with you this disturbing question: “Why don’t we start thinking about the wrap in early pre-production!?”

Wrap doesn’t mean the production it’s completed, it is actually far from it. Precisely, a well-planned production wrap and hand-over is essential to secure fluid and peaceful post-production, promotion and distribution.

Poorly wrapped production will make any reshoot, promotional job, audit, post-production and distribution much more difficult, expensive, frustrating, time-consuming and, in some extreme cases, even impossible!

So, how to plan and organise a beautiful wrap of production?

We need to start thinking about the wrap the day we begin our work in a new project. We need to plan it thoroughly and communicate to all departments. It is so much easier when everybody follows certain simple rules from the very beginning.

Wrap elements

Let’s start defining the principal elements of production wrap:

Good strating poit is finding out the rules of the studio’s or the parent production company regarding:

Wrapping by departments

Not all departments suffer alike from wrapping. I daresay that the Accounting team wins this trophy by far, followed by the production team. So usually, when all the crew jump for joy and talk about their next jobs, dream holidays or catching up on their sleep, these two departments will be drowning their sorrows in alcohol.

Overview of production wrap tasks by departments:

Some departments will dedicate just a few days for striking, cleaning, packing, checking and returning their equipment to the rental houses. These will be:

Then, there is a number of no-wrap happy departments:


If production is a TV series or it’s likely to follow at some point with reshoots, a storage has to be arranged for some built sets, hero wardrobe and props and production assets.

My advice here would be to sell or donate the majority of non-hero assets, to avoid having your warehouse over-packed. Sometimes it is quite a pain to get a piece of material from the storage, so here a some alternatives for the off-camera assets:

And some storage tips from the trenches:

There’s nothing more beautiful than a neat label 😍. The name of the show and the department should be clearly identified and all the boxes must be sequentially numbered.

Here you can find some templates of labels for the boxes and storage inventories:

Master storage inventory template

Costume, Props inventory template

Box Inventory template

Box label template

Final production file

This is the most important file for potential reshoots, audits, promotion and, above all, distribution.

Not only is it the source of documents to refer to when seeking information in the future, but most importantly, the base for the delivery file for the distributors. No film or TV show can be distributed without the complete set of legal documents proving the property of all the images shown on screen.

The Production Wrap File thus must contain all the paperwork for the following purposes:

To get a full picture of a lovely wrap file, have a look and download our templates:



And always keep in mind the golden rule: reduce (hopefully you did, back during production), reuse, recycle!